Online Travel and Hotel SEO & Marketing


Ad4travel is an online marketing specialist focusing exclusively on tourism sector. Our range of services includes not only classical search engine marketing, also called keyword advertising or sponsored links, and search engine optimization, but also permission based email marketing and online media planning. We offer you an interesting portfolio of national and international tourism websites and work closely with well-known search engines and renowned marketing networks.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Do users find your website when they search for your travel offer, your city or your region? Using specific search engine optimizing methods (Travel SEO/Hotel SEO), your website will be placed as close to the top as possible in the search engine results lists with search criteria that are important and relevant to you.


Local advertising

Local advertising is the ideal form of online marketing for tourism service providers with a limited catchment area such as travel agencies and coach travel organizers. Get more information regarding the benefits of “geo-targeting”.

Advertise where your guests look for you: in the well-known international search engines and on subject specific websites. It’s ideal for regions and cities, hotels and hotel chains as well as departments of tourism.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The so-called sponsored links (paid listings) generally appear above, below or beside the search engine’s regular search results. The display appears keyword specific, which is why this form of advertising is also known as keyword advertising.

Get High Quality Travel Links

Guestposts on Travel, Vacation websites for $50-100/post. We work with thousands of the world’s leading brands, agencies & freelancers.