Keyword Research: Plurals vs. Singulars – increase in search traffic may surprise you


When performing SEO keyword research for your travel website, it is more strategic to include the plural version of keywords than the singular form. This concept provides greater flexibility and more opportunity for search traffic. Search algorithms have evolved and become more sophisticated. Now, they are able to index more than the specific words, but also the roots of these words. Continue reading “Keyword Research: Plurals vs. Singulars – increase in search traffic may surprise you” »

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Effective Graphic Designing for Building Corporate Identity

Graphic Designing for hotels

Graphic design is one of the vital factors in the ambit of online marketing. It essentially play key role in building strong corporate identity in order to survive in the competitive business industry. It has also seen that people like a website more which is well organized and well designed than a website which is cluttered with various colors, fonts and information. Additionally, a brand logo of the firm should also be unique and self explanatory. Hence, it’s absolutely important for a business organization to use professional services that can help them to stand ahead of business competition. Continue reading “Effective Graphic Designing for Building Corporate Identity” »

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How Promotional Products Encrease Brand Awareness

Tourism Marketing SEO

Many people including entrepreneurs do not realize that giving promotional products can be very powerful.  In fact, the homes of most consumers  are filled with promotional items from pens, mugs to kitchen appliances.  The best thing about household promotional gifts such as kitchen items is that they are very practical and that they help promote brand awareness. Continue reading “How Promotional Products Encrease Brand Awareness” »

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