Digital Strategy for Your Travel Brand


If you’re like most travel companies, you’re in a constant state of chaos.

You have an internal marketing team. You have an IT department. You have a web design firm that helped build your website. You have an ad agency that handles brand management and marketing, which may include media planning and media buying. You might have another firm helping with travel SEO, online advertising or Hotel SEO. You have an internal Public Relations department handling PR and possibly an outside firm specializing in digital PR. You have an email specialist handling your internal email newsletter and database. You have a lead acquisition team growing that email database. On the surface, everything looks fine.

Digital Strategy for Your Travel Brand

But with so many initiatives happening at once, you’re speaking in different voices.

Ad4travel Will Champion Your Digital Strategy

Ad4travel can tie all the loose parts in your internet marketing strategy together so you can achieve optimal results. You need to work with online travel experts who can create a digital strategy for your travel brand. Let us help. We have years of experience working with internal business units and outside vendors. We can help everyone better leverage the Internet and new technology.

Ad4travel Will Champion Your Digital Strategy

  1. Audit of current Internet Marketing activities.
  2. SWOT analysis of the competitive landscape.
  3. Immediate improvements of deficiencies (results guaranteed).
  4. Ongoing management of any or all of the following:

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Digital Travel PR

– Media Planning

Travel SEO

Travel Link Building

– Media Buying

– Search Engine Optimization

Pay Per Click Marketing

– Social Network Management