E-Mail Marketing


Creative & Targeted Solutions for the Travel Industry

We have our own private travel email databases. We only work with travel clients and travel publishers, so our email database has a 100% travel composition with targeted and qualified double opt-in travelers. Reach our leisure travel database or our luxury travel segment. Reach our golfers who play more than 40 rounds of golf per year. With professional newsletter marketing, you can reach your potential guests cost-effectively, punctually and directly. To be successful however, requires lots of experience and know-how.


Ad4travel takes care of your customers competently and dependably with the complete process of an email marketing campaign:

  • Graphic design: Our creative and design department creates an appealing graphical template that fits your corporate identity.
  • Text layout and translation: If necessary, our editors can prepare the content of your newsletter. If you would like, we can also do the translations for campaigns done in multiple languages.
  • Spam check and registration of the dispatch: To improve the probability of delivery, various spam checks are carried out. Moreover, the dispatch is registered with important email providers, for example AOL.
  • Live tracking: During dispatching, the status of the delivery is tracked in real time and checked.
  • Statistical analysis: Statistical analysis gives you exact information about the reading habits of all subscribers. By tracking the click rate of all respective links, the interest of customers for specific subjects can be filtered out. With the implementation of Web Analytics software readers’ habits at your website can be tracked further.

email-marketing strategy

Why choose ad4travel?

The editors at ad4travel have many years of experience regarding the conceptual design of the contents of tourism newsletters. Dispatching takes place via high quality, quick and dependable dispatching software. Moreover, you receive detailed statistical reports regarding the course of the campaign. For complete SEO services check out our hotel SEO, travel SEO, travel link building or travel guest posting services.

Ad4travel only offers permission based email marketing. Our customers only use those email addresses that are obtained with approval (usually with double opt-in method) and are required to adhere to an anti-spam policy!