Local Advertising & local SEO


With local advertising, ad4travel advertises close to the target group and without wasted coverage in the Internet. This form of advertising is especially well suited for tourism companies that want to be represented in their regional environment, like travel agencies and medium-size travel organisers. But this form of advertising can also be interesting to regions, cities and departments of tourism. For example, we have placed travel seo campaigns in the regions surrounding airports with low-cost airlines so that the areas around these specific destination airports were targeted with advertising.

There are two different forms of local advertising in the Internet, both of which are offered by us:

Local Online Marketing by Geo-Targeting

With geo-targeting (also called regional targeting), the IP number of the Internet user is coupled with the regional location. With this technology, advertising can be provided that is specific to the location. We offer you this possibility not only for search engine marketing but also at well known websites and portals. By selecting specific theme websites, the relevant target groups can be addressed even more directly!

Advertising on Local Websites and Portals

In our portfolio, you’ll find a large selection of providers of local portals. Moreover, we also offer you the possibility of advertising on the websites of regional daily newspapers and radio stations. Both can be useful for hotel seo campaigns.