Advantages Of Online Marketing For Small Business

Online Marketing

Since the internet has such a huge amount of users from all around the world, the chance to improve business’s overall success is much higher when a you decides to do online marketing. But by just going online doesn’t mean companies will enjoy success. On the internet millions of websites, with a proper internet marketing strategy are present, there is no way that your company’s website to gain the visibility it needs without having a good strategy. But there are many advantages of online marketing for small business if it is executed properly.

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Secrets to Social Media Success: Facebook & Twitter tips for hoteliers to consider

social media for hotels

Following a comprehensive study, the travel industry’s esteemed research authority, Sofitel Luxury Hotels is proud to announce the details of their successful social media strategy for their nine properties in North America. The report focuses on the best practices for hoteliers to build a quality and relevant following on important social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Continue reading “Secrets to Social Media Success: Facebook & Twitter tips for hoteliers to consider” »

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