Pay Per Click


You’ve just started your travel business but have no idea how to begin advertising. If you’re a savvy entrepreneur then you’ve likely done your research already and found a few strategies you’d like to implement right away. Some of them will undoubtedly include Search Engine Optimisation and email marketing as a way to reach your potential customers. While these are tried and tested strategies that do pay off, they can take a considerable amount of time in order for you to see a positive Return on Investment. This can sound rather depressing for the business owner with a fast approaching deadline, such as an upcoming travel season. If this resonates with you then don’t worry, there’s a faster way to reach your customers. What I am referring to is Pay Per Click Advertising.


What is Pay Per Click and how does it work?

Pay per click advertising is a very simple concept. Instead of building a website and hoping to get traffic through search engine optimisation services, you will proactively pay search engines for every person that clicks through to your website.

If you decide to run your campaign through a large advertising company, such as Google Adwords, then you will find that your advertisements appear on other websites in addition to the paid ads on Google itself. Taking this route gives you a variety of targeted traffic from multiple sources, unlike your competitors who may depend solely upon unreliable search engine optimisation as the foundation of their business!

Conversion, Conversions, Conversions!

When it comes to effective travel seo and travel ppc campaigns, it all boils down to your conversion rate. A conversion rate is simply the rate at which your visitors complete an action. This could range all the way from booking a vacation on down to simply joining your mailing list. Tracking your conversion rates will require you to be on top of your “game” when it comes to tracking web statistics. You need to know how much each click is costing you, as well as how many of these clicks result in paid customers. In short, conversions are what separate’s a winning travel pay per click campaign from a losing one.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Constantly tweak until you have a winner

It is a very rare occasion that your first travel ppc marketing campaign will result in a profit. If this happens then do not be alarmed as this is not expected from an initial run. The trick here is to drop whichever campaigns are not working while increasing your budget for the ones that do. This sounds easy enough, but you’d be surprised at how many business owners accept failure by skipping this important part of the marketing process.

Beyond a doubt, pay per click advertising can be one of the fastest methods of marketing and in turn very good for your business. When done correctly it will beat out SEO, social media, and banner advertising every single time; But before you rush out and spend your money on advertising it will be more than worth your while to consult with a qualified pay per click advertising professional that specializes in the travel industry. This person will be in the best position to make sure your campaigns yield a lucrative return on investment.