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Boost your hotels search engine ranking in popular search sites including Google, Yahoo and Bing within weeks by using our innovative and completely “White Hat” search engine back linking and content distribution service, our service is designed specifically for hospitality companies.

We only provide this service to the hospitality industry, so if you are a hotel, guesthouse, hostel, restaurant or bed and breakfast, then this is the perfect content distribution and back linking service for you, and it will dramatically increase your search engine ranking position in Google!

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By placing your high quality travel articles featuring your hotel on multiple travel portals, blogs and websites,  your traffic skyrockets, more people know about your hospitality business and you start to rank for multiple keywords based on the title of the article.

So for example – If we distribute a page on our network called “Best Boutique Hotel in EC4 London” the people that are typing this search query into Google will hit your article! As an added benefit the back-links from the article also dramatically push your websites rank up in Google and other search engines!


We provide content distribution services that will ensure your hotel, guesthouse or hostel gets the absolute maximum search engine ranking boost from highly relevant manually placed content articles with relevant “backlinks” embedded into quality and highly relevant travel websites.


Google calculates your search engine positioning by evaluating the number of highly relevant backlinks to your hotels website, backlinks that are placed on relevant sites, within relevant content and that have a variety of different yet relevant anchor text is proven to boost your sites ranking in the search engines.

Understanding our SEO Packages

 Travel SEO Services

Hospitality Back Linking Service Features

100% manual placement

All of your links are placed manually; a real human will place your article within the websites content management system, this ensures the backlink generation looks 100% genuine because of course it is 100% genuine!

100% Quality Real Websites

We operate a network of over 200 hotel websites and travel blogs, all of them have a Majestic SEO trust ranking of 10 or over, and most sites in our network average a trust ranking of over 20. All websites contain highly relevant keywords to travel, hotels and hostels etc within the core page and website titles, this means that the back-links are from highly relevant sites. That’s what Google likes to see!

All back-links placed in relevant quality content

We will write a 500-word quality content article relevant to your hotel or travel business, this content reads well and is written by a real content editor. There is no copied content; all content is 100% unique to you. The content can be a feature on your hotel, or your location. You are sent all content to approve and edit prior to it being posted to ensure your hotel is associated with great content.

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Limited number of back-links per site

We limit the number of back-links on our websites to a maximum of 4 sponsored per website, this means 15% of the search engine ranking juice of each site will be passed to your website pushing you up the Google Rankings. This is not a link farm, but placement on a high quality content network of travel advice websites.

All article back-links placed with different anchor text

Google wants to see a variety of different anchor text and link types when calculating your SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position) – you will receive three links in each article, one will be an image link, one will be for your website or brand name for example and one will be placed on a relevant keyword for example hotels dubai, ensuring you have a rich variety of keyword anchor text in your back-links means all links look natural and manual – again of course because they are natural and manual!

All links placed at a slow burn rate

If one day you have no links and the next you have hundreds then that’s not going to look natural to Google and your website could be penalized, all of our links are placed manually one every 2-3 days to ensure that it doesn’t raise alarm bells with the search engines.

All backlinks “Do Follow”

All links are set with the status “Do Follow” this means that Google will crawl this link through to your website, it also means that SERP juice is passed onto your website.

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Full Reporting

When we establish your account we will set up a report for you that will show you each week how your search engine ranking is shooting upwards, we will also notify you each time that we place content on one of our sites. Each week you will receive a report from us detailing how your ranking has improved.

Further Diversification

To increase the link type diversification and to provide you with a natural link building profile we will also be working behind the scenes to create further relevant links that are off of our private network, this includes relevant directory links, and importantly social signals such as social bookmarking, Google + 1 Likes, Twitter Links from multiple accounts and Facebook Share links from multiple accounts.  Again these are scheduled at a slow rate of deployment and at irregular intervals in order to provide a natural link building profile that Google loves.

Internal & External Linking

We wont just be linking to your index page – again to provide a natural link building profile we will be generating highly relevant links to both your internal and index page to show a diversity of links and link targets.

On Page & Off Page SEO

If your website requires some “Tweeking” to become optimised for on page SEO we will complete this for you within the first week prior to us starting the linking process. This includes ensuring your page titles, meta descriptions and URL structure is fully optimised.  If you do not have a Google Webmaster account we will set one up for you and ensure that your links are submitted, indexed and delivering your website the required search engine juice to move up the rankings.

Lets recap!

100 % Manual links, on quality websites, embedded within quality and relevant content to your hotel or travel business, all with different anchor text and link profiles, all coming from high authority travel sites , all placed slowly and naturally, with a full report for you every week! – IT WILL BOOST YOUR SEARCH ENGINE RANKING POSITION – but if that is not enough how about this!

Complete Anonymity

We will never reveal the fact that you purchased our service, we will never reveal your identity or sell your email address.

100% Money Back No Bullshit Guarantee

Here is our guarantee – Try our service for one month, if you do not receive an improvement in your search engine positioning within 30 days or if you are at all unhappy with our service we will provide you with a full refund – no if’s or but’s you will get 100% of the money you paid back!

Packages and Pricing

Packages are based on one targeted website, for packages and price information simply request the package information by completing the simple form on the right hand side of this page, we will instantly send you information on our packages and pricing. Request the information today, you are under no obligation to sign up and you will not be charged just for receiving the information!

Upgrades – Downgrades

You can increase your package at any time by upgrading to the next available package; you can also down grade your package at any time. To receive pricing for your package please complete the form to the right hand side of this page, we will send you pricing information instantly.