Travel Social Networks


Social networks and online communities are the hottest trend in the industry. They allow you to grow your traffic economically by using viral marketing to create a community of travelers who promote your destination or travel service. Social networks also help to increase your search engine visibility, because Google, Yahoo, and MSN favor websites with frequently updated content. User generated content (like reviews and message boards) is a tremendous asset, because it enables your website to sustain itself.

Travel Social Networks

A Turn-key Social Network Solution – You Have Full Control

One of the challenges with social networking involves controlling what the general consumer is saying about your travel brand. Ad4travel has solved that problem by offering destinations and other travel companies the ability to have their own social network within their own website!

Ad4travel empowers you to monitor and manage your social network to limit negative comments. You can steer discussions in a positive direction and generate some buzz about your destination or brand. You can offer a prize for the visitor who posted the most pictures from their vacation in your destination. You can even offer incentives to consumers who wrote great stories about their trip to your destination.

Travel Social Networks solutions

Ad4travel has spent the last 3 years creating the best social networking tools on the market. We can integrate them with your website and allow your site visitors to participate in your new online community. We also have the ability to personalize your social network so that your visitors can learn about interests like Wine, Golf, Family Travel, Skiing, Dining, etc.