Web Analytics


Successful controlling with pixel technology

One of the most important advantages of online marketing is the possibility of clearly measuring the success of a campaign. Thanks to modern pixel technology, these days you receive all the relevant statistical data in real time about the behaviour of visitors to your website. In contrast to classical log file analysis, the statistics are convincing because of their accuracy and timeliness.

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What data is collected and analyzed?

With web analytics software, you receive not only accurate, current data regarding visitors, but also an analysis of the effectiveness of your Internet appearance. Examples of questions that you can answer with the help of an analysis are:

  • What online marketing campaign resulted in the most bookings, for example search engine marketing, sending newsletters or banner advertising?
  • How cost effective are investments in online advertising?
  • Which travel destinations are the most popular?
  • How often does a visitor visit the website before actually booking?
  • Which search words do the visitors use to find your website in the search engine?
  • At which point in the booking procedure did most visitors break off, or why do visitors quit earlier on?
  • From which country, region or city do the visitors come? How are they equipped technically?

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Web Analytics: rent or buy?

ad4travel offers various solutions that can be purchased either as a rental license (so-called ASP license) or as a purchase license.
We can establish which software solution best matches the requirements of your company in a free, no-obligations consultation.