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Vacation Rentals SEO & Advertising

Vacation Rentals Condos Advertising

The timeshare industry is very unique as it merges real estate with travel and hospitality marketing. You are trying to sell more timeshares and vacation shares which is similar to a real estate sale. But you are also trying to rent vacation homes, houses, condos, beach property and vacation weeks. We can help you market and sell your vacation rentals and vacation rental property. Continue reading “Vacation Rentals SEO & Advertising” »

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Hotel Marketing & Luxury Resort Advertising


Hotel & Luxury Resort Marketing

Have You Thought This Through?

When it comes to Modern Marketing Strategies:

Have you really thought this through?

Your website may be many things, but one thing is for certain: it’s a powerful persuader of all things positive about your luxury hotel or resort. Just a quick scroll through the images should be enough to get anyone dreaming of a future stay with you. Continue reading “Hotel Marketing & Luxury Resort Advertising” »

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

These days, most known search engines give you the possibility to place paid ads beside the search results. The most important providers in this segment are Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and MIVA. The so-called sponsored links (paid listings) generally appear above, below or beside the search engine’s regular search results. The ad’s display is keyword specific. Continue reading “Search Engine Marketing (SEM)” »

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Media Planning: Finding the right media partners for a travel company

media planning

Finding the right media partners is one of the most daunting tasks a travel company is faced with. There are “opportunities” to spend money lurking around every corner on the internet. To navigate the shark infested waters of the web, you need a partner with the experience and relationships to help you hit the ground running. Continue reading “Media Planning: Finding the right media partners for a travel company” »

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Web Analytics: measuring the success of SEO campaigns

Web Analytics google

Successful controlling with pixel technology

One of the most important advantages of online marketing is the possibility of clearly measuring the success of a campaign. Thanks to modern pixel technology, these days you receive all the relevant statistical data in real time about the behaviour of visitors to your website. In contrast to classical log file analysis, the statistics are convincing because of their accuracy and timeliness. Continue reading “Web Analytics: measuring the success of SEO campaigns” »

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