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If you work in social media, you should know by now that there are simple rules and guidelines to follow that get you through the day. When building an account there are simple things you can do to maintain a targeted following in the travel sector.

Follow similar brands’ followers.

This is a simple step that can get you far. There are several different websites out there that will tell you the best accounts to follow. Listorious, WeFollow and Twellow are among the many that I have used in the past that are good for categorizing followers and gathering influential names. Personally, I have found that choosing one of my competitors and looking for their followers that would also be interested in my brand works just as well. Generally, more than half follow back within the week and have the highest retention rate among my followers.

Twitter Boost Your Travel Followers

Participate in #TravelTuesday.

This is probably the travel industry’s top hashtag. Much like follow Friday, once a week all the travel names on Twitter blast out their favorite travelling account. This not only builds a strong relationship with your followers on Twitter by mentioning their names and a positive, “happy travels”, anecdote, but also allows for you to shout out at people hoping for their follow in return. Follow Friday is equally important as well, as 69% of people decide to follow accounts based on suggestions by friends (Mashable). Make sure to brand your follow Friday by hash tagging travel to bring in the targeted followers you’re looking for.

Participate in #TTOT aka Travel Talk on Twitter.

This is another big trending topic for travel industry folk on Twitter. Travel Talk on Twitter happens every Thursday and is an ongoing conversation in the form of a series of questions about travel that everyone likes to go around and answer. Again, #TTOT is about building and strengthening relationships with your followers while hopefully gaining a few new friends along the way.


Tweet relevant news and ask questions.

This is a big one for me on Twitter. Of course, if you are a hotel brand you want to deliver your own news and promotions while answering customer service questions and remarks as well. However, tweeting what is going on in the industry can gather in those followers with a more business-to-business mind about them. Also, there are hundreds of articles a day that list interesting things followers love to read about like, “Top 10 Travel Hot Spots for Summer”. This not only brings followers in to read and click your content but if you’re tweeting a highly popular article you are going to show up in a popular search result as well, which allows for maximum visibility. Asking questions to your followers as well as answering their questions can also score you major points.

Twitter Tips to Boost Your Travel Followers

Do not churn and burn.

Not only is this one of Twitter’s cardinal rules but it’s also a shady way of building followers that have nothing to do with your brand. Using sites that mass follow and unfollow may benefit you short term but in the long run they just build an account that receives zero useful feedback and tons of spam. That’s why following these simple rules can gather you a targeted base following that’s 100% free and legal!