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The following are my top 5 tips on how to increase your google adsense earnings. These methods are not guaranteed to work, but if followed correctly they will give you a great starting point. Also the effectiveness of these tips depends on the type of site being run, they will be more effective on a movie review site then a proxy or flash arcade site. So let’s get started.

Revenue Sharing Forums.

This is not a very effective way of increasing earnings, but every penny helps at this stage of the game. So check the forums that you frequent, view the user options and if available add your google adsense user i.d. Now when you post in these forums and an ad is clicked you will receive a portion of the profits.


Create Channels.

Make sure you create unique channels for each set of ads, this way you know which ad groups perform best and which ad groups you need to alter.
The most effective way to use channels is to have a single channel created for each ad space. If you have ads beneath your header, name the channel header, it’s that simple. From this point on page views, clicks etc will be viewed under this channel.


Blending your Ads.

This may be the most important part of increasing your earnings. The optimal look on your site is to have the adsense links blend with your site links and the adsense description blend with the content on your site. You may also want to blend the background and border with the background on your page. Black ads on a white site are just begging for a 0.00% ctr.

Pay Per Click

Choose the Correct Ad Sizes.

This step is quite obvious but for the sake of the article and new adsense users I will indulge anyhow. You DO NOT want to bombard your users with massive ads, adsense or not. For the most part larger ads do work better, as long as they fit well into the layout of your site.

Choose the Correct Placement for Your Ads.

This completely depends on the type of site that you run. The majority of the time you will be adding your Google Adsense Ads above the fold (the bottom of the screen when opening a new page), and inside the content or menu. This will ensure your ads will be viewed while your content is being read or site being navigated.

Now while doing this you want to avoid making it look like you are trying to trick the user into clicking on your ads, if you do try to trick them it may result in one of two things. One, your users may feel deceived and not revisit your site, thus diminishing any opportunity of clicks next time. Two, you may violate google adsense terms of service and be banned from adsense for good.
The best of luck to everyone.