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Time to Take Your Travel & Hotel SEO Campaign to The Next Level

If your business is involved in travel, hotels and tourism or any other sector for that matter, then there’s no denying that internet marketing is perhaps the most effective form of advertising. This holds equally true for travel agents, hotels, cruise lines, holiday rental agents, car rental agencies or any other local, national or international online business. Unfortunately, for many online businesses that are savvy enough to market themselves online, they often go at it in the wrong way. In an effort to save money on advertising costs, many businesses decide to take the ‘do-it-yourself’ approach to Travel SEO. The result – money wasted on paid links, Pay-Per-Click, and poorly executed email marketing campaigns. This same money could have been used to hire professional Hotel SEO specialist who would be able to get the job done properly the first time, perhaps even saving you money?

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A good seo company will be able to skip the nonsense and position your business where it matters the most, at the top of the natural listings. Undoubtedly many online businesses will opt to continue with pay per click marketing, or even worse, some will decide to skip internet marketing altogether! If this sounds like you, then perhaps you should consider the following statistics:

  • 42% of travel planners with a Smartphone click on at least one airline app
  • In 2015, the most popular global city destination with tourist arrivals was London with 18.2 million
  • The global hotel industry generates around 400-500 billion USD in revenue each year, a third of which is in the USA
  • The number of passengers carried by the cruise industry is expected to exceed 24 million
  • France, Germany and UK are homes to 33 million rental travelers vs 22 million US travelers
  • According to UNWTO, the Asia Pacific region will increase its tourist arrival to 535million by 2030
  • Online travel accounts for 71% of all e-business in India
  • 42% of Facebook content involves travel
  • 72% of companies use social media technology, but very few are using it to its full potential
  • 80% of companies will fail their goals with respect to social media collaboration

The Importance of Travel & Hotel SEO and Organic Rankings

If you would like make the most out of your web presence, then an effective SEO strategy is a must. An SEO, or search engine optimisation campaign carried out by a travel SEO specialist will allow you to receive targeted visitors that are looking for the type of products services you offer. Having someone search for your services, and find your website before your competitors, will give you the upper hand. Furthermore, your potential customers will be given the opportunity to become familiar with your brand, which is beneficial even if they do not decide to make a purchase at that particular time. For example, many travelers get to their destination and find that their amenities aren’t quite what they expected, and when this happens there’s a good chance may will remember stumbling upon your website?

Without the correct know how or the help of a qualified SEO specialist you may find yourself spinning your wheels and watching anxiously as your budget goes through the roof!

This may all seem rather daunting, but in today’s world of internet marketing it is all but necessary. This is why many companies make the decision to hire a professional SEO company that specializes in travel and hotel and Real Estate SEO. By employing a reputable company you will place your business ahead of competitors, who may still be using outdated strategies and less effective forms of advertising. If you’ve been on the fence about your own internet marketing, then it may be time to consult a qualified SEO specialist.

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