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Advertise, advertise and advertise! That is at the heart of all small businesses. Your vacation rental is only as good as it can be known and shown and when you rent it out, it becomes a small business.

With a floundering economy, vacation rental owners are gaining more and more competition. This is because more people are renting out their summer homes, camps, cottages and condos to help pay property taxes and help get them through this economic crunch.

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There are a number of online sites to advertise your vacation rental property. However, how you advertise it is everything. You need to have a theme for your vacation rental. A theme that will make vacationers want to stay at your rental.

A theme represents what the vacationer can most likely expect. For instance, if your vacation rental is located somewhat off the beaten path, a title such as “Away From it All” may help. Vacation renters who want to get a way from it all, will be attracted to your ad.

If you are in a beach location, a theme like, “Lazy Days and Crazy Nights” can be enticing. Highlight your ad with, “You can spend your days laying around on our beautiful beach, and enjoy your nightlife living it up.”

The point is, take into consideration what are the main features of your rental and its locality. Is it for a family with children? Is it small and just right for two? What are the local attractions in your area? Mention them to beef up your ad.

Your vacation rental seo strategy needs to be clean and not overly elaborate. Most vacationers want to use your home, and too much of your personal items will not give them that “home away from home” feeling. Instead they may feel like they are living in someone else’s house. So, keep it simple and sweet.

Provide a guest welcoming basket and mention, renters who rent from you, will always find a welcoming gift upon arrival. This can be a fruit basket, a bottle of wine or if children are coming, make a basket up of assorted candies to go with it. The point is to make them feel welcome.

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Be clear about whether your rental is pet-friendly or not. Prepare a list of emergency phone numbers, where to store refuse, whether or not the rental includes sheets and towels. Make sure to list all amenities.

If you can offer “special rates” at any time of the year, mention what they are. Vacationers like to know upfront what prices they will need to pay. If you live near the rental, cleaning it between check-out time and check-in time, will be more cost-effective for you if you clean it yourself. If you are hiring someone to clean for you, make sure they will do a good job. Renters have a right to expect everything to be clean and in good working order.

Go online and check out a few real estate agent websites, in your general area, to see what they are advertising similar rental homes for. Almost all real estate agencies (besides selling homes) offer “summer and/or winter vacation rentals.” This gives you a better idea of how to come up with a fair price. You can learn a lot by studying different vacation rental sites or our travel SEO and hotel SEO case studies. This means doing some homework, so your rental home will work out for you!